Home Schooling for Christians

Give your Child a Bible based education in the safest place for them - their own home.

Empowering Families Through Homeschooling

In today’s rapidly changing world and educational landscape, homeschooling has become a haven for many families, providing a safe and nurturing environment free of bullying. Parents can instill essential cultural, Christian and traditional values, life skills, and manners directly into their children’s education, ensuring a well-rounded and holistic approach to learning that prepares them for success in an ever-evolving world.

Homeschooling also offers the freedom of alternative curriculums, pace, and teaching methods, allowing families to prioritize individualized attention. This encourages children to explore their passions and develop critical thinking skills in ways that traditional schooling may not always accommodate.

Customised Curriculum

Community Spirit

Extra-curricular Activities

Multi-media Material

Live Classes

Graduation Certificate